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The Ridgely Firm is a Criminal Defense Law Firm and is authorized to post attorney writ bonds (which is the equivalent of a bail bond)to obtain jail releases for you or a loved one 24 hours a day. The Collin | Dallas | Denton Criminal Defense Lawyers of The Ridgely Firm provide agressive Criminal Defense to all clients charged with any Texas Misdemeanor or Felony Charge.

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What To Do After an Arrest?


Stay calm and keep your mouth shut


Have a friend or loved one contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately


Realize that it will take a few hours to be “processed” before a bail bond can be set.


Once a Bail Bond is set you can post bond and get out of jail


Most bonds are set twice a day in the morning and late afternoon.


All phone calls from Jail are recorded!  Do not talk about your case.

40 Years Combined Criminal Experience

Our Criminal Attorneys have over 40 years combined legal experience and are well respected among their peers and judiciary in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.

Common Questions about Bail Bonds

Our Cost to issue a Bail Bond?

The typical charge for a bail bond it 10% of the total bail bond amount.  Our firm however usually issues bail bonds at 6% – 8% of the bond amount depending on the amount of the bond and underlying charge.  We also offer payment plans in some situations.  Contact our office to receive a quote and learn how we can help you or a loved one in their criminal matter.

What should I do if a Warrant has been issued for my arrest?

You should contact a Dallas | Denton | Collin County Criminal Defense attorney immediately. When a warrant is issued for the arrest of an accused, they can be arrested anywhere and at anytime. In most cases, an experienced criminal defense attorney can contact the jail and/or the police department handling the warrant and facilitate a “turnover” where the attorney schedules a time for the accused individual to turn themselves in. This is often very beneficial to the accused because if their attorney is also authorized to issue bail bonds, like the attorneys at Ridgely & Davis, the attorney will already have the bond paper work prepared. In addition, the police are often times very appreciateive that the accused is turning themselves in voluntarily and this allows for the jail booking process to go much faster. Normally, this approach allows the accused to turn themselves in and spend just a few hours in the jail facility taking care of necessary administrative booking proceedures versus spending a day or two in jail when they are picked up randomly on an active warrant.

What if the Bail Bond Amount is too High?

All bail bonds are to be set at an amount that is reasonable to assure the defendant’s appearance in court while the case is pending and ultimately at a final trial, if a trial becomes necessary.  That being said, it is not uncommon for a judge to set some bonds excessively high.  In those circumstances, our Criminal Defense Lawyers can petition the court to reduce the bond to a more reasonable amount.  If your Dallas | Carrollton Bail Bond has been set too high for you or your loved one to pay, contact our Criminal Lawyers to learn your options.

Should I Just Turn My Self In?

Of course, you will need to turn yourself in, however, it is in your best interest to first consult with an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer who can evaluate your case and contact the police to arrange for a turn in.  This will normally allow for a quick and easy transition in getting processed.  Those that just randomly show up and turn themselves in may have to wait in lock up many hours before they can even get processed (fingerprinted and photographed) and this must take place prior to seeing a judge to get a bond set.  Additionally, some cities will have pre-set bond amounts for certain offenses.  If you contact one of our Dallas Criminal Lawyers that have the ability to issue bail bonds in Dallas County, we can often times already have the bond paper work ready to go, arrange for the turn in and your bond will post within a short period of time and this can sometimes shorten the turn in time to like an hour.

Still have some questions?   Please contact our office or send us an email!