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Family Violence and Protective Orders complicate life very quickly.  You can’t take these allegations lightly as the repercussions of a protective order or a family violence finding can have lasting impacts on your personal and professional life for years to come.  Addressing these allegations head on with creativity and a sound legal strategy has proven very successful for our clients in the past.  Our experienced Family Law | Criminal Lawyers can put their 40 years combined experience to work in your unique legal matter to help protect your parental rights and reputation.

This Texas Family Law | Criminal Lawyers at the Ridgley Firm offer after hour appointments so you do not have to miss work.  Contact our office to learn how our team can help you.

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What To Do if Faced with a Protective Order?


Stay calm and contact an attorney that practices both family law and criminal law to help fight the protective order.


Temporarily avoid any and all contact with persons covered by the protective order.


Do not call, text, email, or use any form of communication with the protected person and don’t ask anyone else to contact them either.


Contact an experienced Family Law & Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately.


Do not speak to anyone (including the police) about the allegations until you’ve had the opportunity to consult with a lawyer.


Contact an experienced family law attorney immediately.


Make copies of all relevant documents such as past text messages, emails, social media posts, and other evidence that supports you have not engaged in violence towards the protected persons.


Guard your phone to preserve evidence.  Back up the phone if possible.


Make sure you do not possess a firearm or violate the protective order in anyway until the protective order can be attacked in court and set aside.

40 Years Combined Criminal | Family Law Experience

Our Family Law | Criminal Defense Lawyers have over 40 years combined legal experience litigating family law disputes and defending our clients against family violence and assault allegations.  We serve all individuals facing protective orders and family violence / assault allegations throughout Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, and Tarrant county and conveniently serve all residents in Addison, TX, Carrollton, TX, Dallas, TX, Plano, TX, Richardson, TX, Lewisville, TX and surrounding cities.

Common Questions about Protective Orders

What must be proven to get a protective order?

You must understand that there are a Temporary Protective Orders and Permanent Protective Order.  Temporary ones are not that hard to get.  Many judges seem to sign them out of an abundance of caution.  The temporary protective orders will automatically expire within a few weeks if a final protective order isn’t granted by the judge.  You will be able to appear in court to fight against the final protective order.  A final protective order is granted when the court finds that 1) violence has occurred in the past and 2) is likely to occur in the future.  These are the elements that must be attacked or the court will grant the order which could last for 2 years subjecting you to criminal prosecution if violated.

What happens if a protective order is violated?

You will be arrested and normally prosecuted and your criminal record could be permanently effected by the violation.  Many people confuse a restraining order, with a protective order.  While you can be punished for violating both types of order, the protective order is the only one that will subject you to immediate arrest and criminal prosecution if you violate it.  So be very careful not to violate a Temporary Protective Order if one has been granted, and hire an experienced lawyer to fight the protective order to prevent it from becoming final.

How will a protective Order affect my child custody rights?

If a final protective order or a finding of family violence is made by the judge in your family law case, you will not be permitted to be named as a Joint Managing Conservator of your children, and its likely that your possession and access time with your kids will be restricted, supervised, or even denied.

Can't I Fight a Protective Order on my own?

You can try to represent yourself in court, but if the other party has an attorney, you will most likely lose and then there is little that can be done to fix protective order and the damage to your personal, family, and professional life.  Even if you have great evidence to use that clearly proves you didn’t commit the offenses alleged, a protective order could still be ordered against you if you don’t know how to properly get the evidence before the judge.   Don’t take this type of proceeding lightly.  Hire an experienced family law | criminal defense litigator that you trust.

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