A Bail Bond and a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Whenever someone is arrested, not just within the Dallas / Fort Worth Metro but anywhere in the state of Texas, a judge will set a bond high enough to ensure the individual will return to court for prosecution if a case is eventually filed against them. In this situation, the individual has three choices:

  1. Put up all the money for the Bond Amount by themselves. This is known as a “cash bond.”  If you can do this, great.  Problem is, most people don’t have $5,000 or $20,000 to pay just in Bail Bond Money.
  2. Hire a Bail Bond Company and pay a bond premium (usually 10% of the bond amount).
  3. Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney authorized to issue Attorney Bonds (same thing as a bail bond)

The Ridgely Firm is authorized to issue Attorney Bail Bonds within Dallas and Tarrant Counties.  This means that anyone who is arrested for a charge that will be prosecuted in either Dallas or Tarrant county can be bonded out through our firm by our Criminal Lawyers.  It doesn’t matter what jail the person is located in, if its a Dallas or Tarrant county charge, The Ridgely Firm can post the bond.

The main benefit people see in using a Criminal Lawyer to post the bail bond is that an attorney immediately begins working on the criminal defense portion of the case.  Compare that to a bail bondsman who simply posts the Bail Bond and doesn’t really care who represents you or your loved one, and that bondsman will do absolutely nothing to help defend against the criminal charges.  Many of our previous clients appreciate the fact that they are not having to deal with multiple companies during this stressful period in their lives.

Contact The Ridgely Firm to schedule a free initial consult to see how we can help bond a loved one out of jail and get to work on their criminal defense case.  The Ridgely Firm is conveniently located close to the Carrollton, Addison/ Farmers Branch, and Dallas jails.